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Lebovitz Law Group is the top-notch legal firm in Phoenix providing unparalleled representation for motorcycle accident cases.  If you have been a victim of a motorcycle accident and require legal assistance, leave your worries to us. Our qualified and experienced  Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys can help you win maximum compensation for physical or personal damages. Our area of expertise lies in offering customized and assertive legal advocacy against defendants. Whether you’re struggling with healthcare costs, wage loss, or afflictions, we’ll tirelessly battle “to defend” your best interests, to “in pursuit of”

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Why You Should Hire a Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After being in a collision in Phoenix, some motorcyclists may be hesitant to seek out legal representation. While it may be possible to handle certain claims independently, it is recommended to work with a lawyer for cases involving injuries or substantial property damage. If the other driver is denying responsibility for your losses, it may be especially beneficial to partner with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix. Our team offers a complimentary consultation to evaluate your circumstances and provide guidance on whether or not legal assistance is needed, without any obligations or risks on your part.

What Kind Of Compensation Can A Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help You Get?

Our team of motorcycle accident attorneys can assist you in obtaining funds based on the extent of your losses. These losses may include:

Healthcare Expenses

Motorcycle collisions frequently cause serious injuries that may necessitate emergency treatment or extended hospitalization for recuperation. Our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer aids you in obtaining money to handle these costs, in addition to covering the expenses of

  • Medical evaluations and assessments
  • Operations and other medical procedures
  • Medications (including painkillers and antibiotics)
  • Physical therapy, and recovery

Lost Wages

If the injuries you sustained in the motorcycle accident have led to absence from work or reduced your earning ability, a motorcycle injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining compensation for lost wages and future earning potential. 

Pain and Suffering

We motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix also aid you in pursuing compensation for the emotional harm resulting from the motorcycle accident, such as your distress, agony, and psychological turmoil. For instance, although you may have recuperated from bodily injuries, you may still undergo anxiety, depression, and other grave emotional consequences.

Property Damage

After a collision with other vehicles, many motorcycles often suffer severe damage. Your bike might require extensive repairs or become completely totaled. The driver who was responsible for the accident may be liable for covering these costs. In addition to your motorcycle, other items such as your helmet or protective gear may also be damaged. When you reach out to our motorcycle accident lawyers in Phoenix for assistance after a crash, we will assess all the losses you have incurred.

How Much Is Your Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

Every case holds distinct value, and although you may rely on previous cases to gauge the approximate compensation you may receive, the specific damages you have incurred will ultimately determine the extent of compensation you will be entitled to from the responsible party.

Luckily, we determine the expected amount of compensation for your case and incorporate it into your initial claim. During this evaluation, we will take into account all the damages that you have suffered.

Today, let Lebovitz Law Group’s specialized motorcycle accident attorney in Phoenix concentrate on your individual case.

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics in Phoenix

Motorcycle riders are involved in most fatal traffic crashes.

Studies represent staggering reports, underpinning the need to control the rising number of motorcycle accidents in Phoenix. More than 5900 motorcyclists died in 2021. It represents 14% of total fatal cases involving motorcycle accidents.

It creates the need to spread awareness about safe driving for motorcyclists. Motorcycle riders should follow all the road safety guidelines and practice caution while driving. They should be encouraged to drive safely, especially if it’s raining hard.  Wear  DOT-compliant motorcycle helmets that can reduce motorcyclist fatalities.

What if you still sustain injuries after following all the safety precautions? Lebovitz Law Group’s Phoenix motorcycle injury lawyers will guide you through difficult times, ensuring maximum damages for injuries and other losses.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Arizona

At Lebovitz Law Group, our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers’  mission is to assist those who have been injured. This not only entails representing them as our clients, but also advocating for institutional modifications to prevent future vehicle accidents in the Phoenix area. As part of our dedication to the community, we monitor the most prevalent causes of motorcycle accidents in Arizona. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were 2,676 motorcycle accidents in 2019 alone. Understanding the reasons for crashes enables us to address potential hazards.

The following are common driver mistakes that contribute to motorcycle collisions in Phoenix:

●     Alcohol involvement

Alcohol impairs the ability to drive safely on the road. Unfortunately, many fatal crashes involve a drunk driver who is not in the adequate capacity to ride a motorcycle. The negligence could result in potentially lethal implications for the rider and others involved in the accident.

●     Ignored rights-of-way

By the time I realized he was there, it was too late.”  How often have we heard riders pushing their ignorance as an excuse to cause a motorcycle accident in Phoenix?  It is a gross violation of a motorcyclist’s rights-of-way that is not just rude but can cause serious injuries, including death.

●     Ignored blind spots

Blind spots are risky for motorcyclists.  Many drivers, especially those driving cars and commercial vehicles fail to register the presence of smaller motorcycles. This includes being unable to see the rear, the sides, and the front of the bigger vehicle. It doesn’t end well with motorcycles hit badly and resulting in life-threatening physical injuries.

●     Speeding and breaking roadway rules

Overspeeding significantly contributes to motorcycle accidents. The reckless behavior increases the risk of personal injuries like road rash, broken bones, or even brain damage. Flouting roadway rules have legal implications regardless of the motorcycle accident.

●     Illegal U-turns or left-hand turns

U-turns are legal if others can see you and traffic is clear. Turning your vehicle at a prohibited U-turn could turn dangerous for other riders and passengers. An unexpected collision between a motorcyclist and another car ( or vehicle) may result in a road accident.

●     Distracted driving

Distracted driving has become a serious problem in Arizona. Often drivers are seen texting while driving or paying more attention to the GPS, audio, or other entertainment systems. In most cases, negligence on the part of the  motorcyclist or the other driver on the road ends up in collisions.

●     Driving while tired

Driving while you are tired to death can be risky. As per the Arizona Department of Public Safety, driving without sleep for 24 hours is as bad as driving with a BAC of 0.10%. A tired driver can have impaired decision-making skills and may end up risking the lives of others on the road.

●     Tailgating

Tailgating another motorcycle or car? Leaving insufficient space between you and the front vehicle can result in unexpected collisions. Motorcycle riders should be aware of the consequences of their irresponsible behavior while driving.

●     Passing too closely

Motorcycle riders should maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. Even if you are a confident driver, do not expect the others on the road to behave like you do. Passing too close to another motorcycle or vehicle without getting a sense of the traffic can end up injuring the rider or others.

●     Making unsafe lane changes

Changing lanes without calculating the road accident risk involved? Motorcyclists should navigate traffic lanes after checking the blind spots and other vehicles. An unexpected shift or merging could end up in motorcycle collisions.

●     Failing to keep a proper lookout

A responsible motorcycle driver keeps a proper lookout for the vehicles behind, in the adjoining lanes or even the pedestrians approaching. You may end up running into another vehicle, pedestrian, or even a property. Be extra careful when you are driving and keep checking the windshield, side windows, and rear mirror.

The City of Phoenix sees frequent motorcycle collisions due to driver errors and hazardous road defects. Many motorcycle accidents are preventable if the driver pays attention to traffic rules and the safety of others on the road. When a crash is caused by a negligent driver, their insurance may be held accountable for covering their expenses. Motorcyclists are vulnerable to road defects like potholes and loose gravel that can result in devastating accidents. Our skilled motorcycle injury lawyers in Phoenix are dedicated to assisting victims in seeking justice and fair compensation.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries in Phoenix

Motorcycle accidents can cause physical injuries, ranging from mild to severe, and even death. Regardless, victims are entitled to fair compensation from the responsible driver.

Motorcycle accident victims generally sustain the following physical injuries during a typical crash:

  • Road rash and burns
  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Herniated disc
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Head and facial injuries

Many motorcycle accidents leave the involved with emotional trauma and mental distress which adds to the growing medical costs and absence from work, including resignation. The financial burden often leaves victims and their families in a tight spot. Unfortunately, most medical insurance payouts fail to relieve the financial pressure, especially the expensive hospitalization in Phoenix.

At Lebovitz Law Group, our motorcycle injury lawyers understand the devastating impact on the victim and their family members. Our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers team works with the affected to calculate and file for the maximum claim from the accountable.

Our legal team closely works with your family, doctors, and insurance companies to ascertain appropriate damages. We empower our clients to fight for their rights to a fair settlement, in or out of court.

Motorcycle Laws in Phoenix, Arizona

Motorcyclists should be aware of traffic laws in Phoenix.  If you own a bike, here are some fundamental motorcycle laws that you should remember:

  • R.S. § 28-903. The statute states that motorcycle riders should avoid lane splitting which can increase the risk of road accidents. Typically, motorcyclists are expected to share the road with other vehicles. The statute makes lane splitting illegal for three or more bikes.
  • R.S. § 28-964. The statute makes protective gear mandatory for motorcycle riders in Phoenix. As per the law, motorcyclists must wear protective helmets, protective glasses, goggles, or a transparent face shield on the road. In addition, the motorcycles must be equipped with rear-view mirrors as well as the seat and footrests for the rider.
  • R.S. § 28-955. The statute prohibits noise pollution caused by the engine and exhaust system of a motorcycle.
  • R.S. § 28-892. This statute mandates motorcycles to have at least one seat for the operator.
  • R.S. § 28-924. The statute mandates motorcycles to have at least one headlamp with adequate illumination.
  • R.S. § 28-3101. The statute mandates motorcycle riders to obtain a Class M license in Phoenix.
  • R.S. § 12-542: The statute gives motorcycle riders two years from the date of their motorcycle accident to file a personal injury lawsuit in Phoenix.

Phoenix motorcycle laws reinforce the need for safe driving, not just for the riders but passengers and others driving on the road. If motorcycle riders are found in violation of Phoenix laws, they are liable to face legal course of action.

Luckily, it is not the end of the road. You can reduce the punishment by consulting a reliable motorcycle injury lawyer in Phoenix from Lebovitz Law Group. We have a proven track record of defending the guilty parties in motorcycle accident cases. We will build a compassionate defense to win you relaxation from the jurors and the judge. Let the best people on the job rescue them from the legal clutches.

Who’s Liable for Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim in Phoenix?

Phoenix residents love riding motorcycles. It is enjoyable but can be potentially damaging for the rider, passenger, and others on the road. It can be hard to determine who should be held liable for injuries caused in a motorcycle accident in Phoenix.
The potentially liable parties include

  • Motorcyclist or driver: What if the one riding is responsible for the collision?
  • Other riders or auto cars: What if other riders or car drivers hit the motorcycle?
  • Motorcycle and vehicle manufacturers: Why should manufacturers escape the blame if the motorcycle happens to be at fault?
  • Manufacturers of helmets and other motorcycle safety equipment: Helmet maker’s negligence or non-compliance with the safety measures should not be ignored.
  • Property owners: What if the property is damaged in the accident such as your home, garden, or other parts of the property
  • Federal agencies: What if unsafe roads or non-working traffic lights played their part in motorcycle accidents?
  • Employers: Shouldn’t the employers be blamed if their commercial vehicle like a truck hit the motorcycle?

Do not jump to conclusions and let Lebovitz Law Group’s motorcycle accident lawyers in Phoenix investigate the case without building any judgment. It can be exhausting but we are seasoned professionals with a proven track record in Arizona.

Our honest and impartial motorcycle injury lawyers will do the groundwork, including collecting credible evidence and talking to witnesses and medical doctors. We will work with insurance companies and negligent parties, if any, to get you maximum financial support.

What to Consider When Filing a Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim in Phoenix?

Filing for motorcycle accident damages may seem simple but can get complicated. Lebovitz Law Group’s motorcycle accident attorneys consider various factors before filing the claim in Phoenix.

Protective Gear: Phoenix motorcycle riders are supposed to wear protective gear on the road. The absence or negligence of not wearing a helmet and other accessories can directly impact the claim.

Blind spot:  The argument that ‘I did not see’ doesn’t hold weight in the eyes of the Phoenix laws. You heard it right. The rider is likely to be held responsible for the accident.

Stopping Distance: The higher the speed, the longer the stopping distance required. It thus becomes challenging for motorcyclists to avoid collisions and in extension, damage claims.

State of the driver: Drunk driving isn’t going to help your cause. Whether it is the driver or the motorcyclist is hit by a drunk driver. There are legal repercussions, including a DUI sentence.

Timing: A delay of more than 2 years in filing the motorcycle accident case can ruin your chances of winning the compensation you deserve.

There are more factors, including circumstantial evidence that may or may not favor your motorcycle accident injury claim.  Consult a motorcycle accident attorney in Phoenix to evaluate and build a strong case against the responsible.

What Should I Do After The Motorcycle Accident in Phoenix?

When you meet a motorcycle accident in Phoenix, the focus is on recovering from physical and emotional injuries. However, what you do following the accident is equally important for the success of your case.

Here’s a checklist of things to do after a motorcycle accident in Phoenix:

  1. Call 911 and get the necessary medical care

Motorcycle accidents can cause catastrophic or serious injuries. Call yourself or request bystanders to call 955 for emergency medical attention to treat your injuries. Follow up with your doctor or medical specialists if the need arises. Go by the medical recommendations and various treatment options to recover faster from the motorcycle accident.

  1. Report the motorcycle accident

Most motorcycle accident cases are usually reported even if the victim is incapacitated or their family is not in the right frame of mind. If unsure, please contact the police, and give first-hand details of the accident within 10 days. Request a copy of the police report for your records.

Typically, 30 days are given to the victim or their family to report the motorcycle accident to the insurance company. If the motorcycle accident is someone else’s fault, you are likely to receive suitable compensation for personal injuries and other property damages.

  1. Collect basic information and document proof

We understand recalling the accident and what followed could be hard. However, it is important to collect basic information and evidence supporting your personal injury claim. It includes

  • Names
  • Contact details
  • Permanent addresses
  • Witnesses
  • Medical records and bills
  • Leave application or resignation if it goes that way
  • Insurance documents

Create a journal documenting your injuries, including physical, emotional, and mental health symptoms. Please monitor how your health is improving or not throughout the treatment. It helps determine the impact of motorcycle accident injuries on your family, work, and personal relationships.

  1. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix for legal assistance

Most motorcycle accidents end up causing serious injuries. Filing personal injury claims can be exhausting and tiresome, especially if you are hospitalized and may have a long-term treatment plan. Reach out to local motorcycle injury lawyers for your legal representation in Phoenix. Educate yourself  and get proper legal guidance through every step of the case.

These steps are integral to building a solid case in your favor, but more importantly, for ensuring your financial security and well-being. Having a motorcycle injury lawyer by your side soars your chances to navigate legal complications while expediting the compensation.

What to Expect During Motorcycle Accident Case In Phoenix

A motorcycle accident case can stretch for months or years if it’s complicated. Here’s what to expect when you consult a motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix:

  • Initial Consultation: The first and foremost step typically involves consulting a motorcycle accident attorney in Phoenix. We understand you may or may not have the strength to share fine details. However, your first account of the accident decides the strength of your claim. You will also learn about the possible course of legal actions against the accountable.
  • Case Investigation: This stage involves conducting a thorough investigation of the motorcycle accident in Phoenix. Your motorcycle injury lawyer will speak with your family, witnesses, doctors, and other involved parties. The evidence supporting your claim such as police reports, witness testimonies, and medical records will be studied and journaled to build a strong defense.
  • Filing an Insurance Claim: Your motorcycle accident attorney will work with your insurance claim based on the evidence and damage assessment.
  • Pre-litigation Negotiations: Your motorcycle accident lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company if you are unhappy with the settlement amount.
  • Filing a Lawsuit: Your motorcycle accident lawyer will prepare a case seeking a justified amount in compensation for your injuries and other damages.
  • Trial: If the pre-trial negotiations fail to get the desired compensation, the case goes to trial. Herein, the parties will produce their side of the arguments and evidence to extract a favorable verdict.
  • Appeals: Both parties have the right to challenge the jury’s decision in the higher court. The appeals however can drag the timeline to secure a fair outcome, including financial compensation.

At Lebovitz Law Group, our motorcycle injury lawyers team will guide you through the entire process. While you are recovering from personal injuries and emotional trauma, we will work round the clock to defend your rights.


How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Phoenix Help?

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, having a competent legal representative from Lebovitz Law Group in Phoenix could be enormously beneficial. Our proficient personal injury lawyers can lead you through the claims procedure and support you in filing a lawsuit if required. Our extensive expertise allows us to offer you the greatest chance of achieving a favorable result.

Contact our team today at 602-975-5550 for a free consultation.

  • Investigate your motorcycle accident to identify who’s responsible and what factors may have contributed to the collision.
  • Educate on your legal rights and options available to you.
  • Collect evidence, including witness testimonies to support your claim.
  • Complete the paperwork and file the case.
  • Coordinate with insurance companies.
  • Negotiate fair compensation with the insurance adjuster.
  • Evaluate and calculate the compensation amount for personal injuries and other damages.
  • Conduct pre-trial negotiations with the defendant and their lawyer.
  • Legal representation if the case goes to trial on your behalf.
  • if the need arises.

Our extensive expertise allows us to offer you the greatest chance of achieving a favorable result. Whether or not you are an at-fault party, our Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers and attorneys strive to achieve the most favorable outcome.  We educate and empower our clients to have a fair chance to live a respectable and dignified life after experiencing a motorcycle crash.

Motorcycle Accident FAQs

What should I do if I was involved in a motorcycle accident?

1. The most important thing you can do after an accident is to contact a professional motorcycle accident lawyer who can review the details of your case and determine the best course of action for moving forward with your claim.

2. If you are contacted by the other driver’s insurance company prior to retaining legal representation, you must remember that you are under no obligation to disclose any information to the insurer. Anything you say might be interpreted as an admission of fault that could later be used against you. It is always best to let your attorney handle all communications with the other party’s insurance company.

3. If possible, take photos of any injuries you or your passenger suffered, as well as any damage to your motorcycle. Keep copies of any medical records or bills, and make records of any related expenses. You should bring these documents to your attorney for review.

Do I need Phoenix a motorcycle accident attorney even if my injuries are not serious?

Even if your injuries don’t immediately appear severe, it is advisable to consult an attorney after a motorcycle accident. Some injuries from motorcycle accidents can go undetected for quite some time. After an accident, it is important that you seek medical attention to determine the nature and severity of any injuries. You can discuss your physician’s evaluation with us, and we will help you determine the best course of action.

How much will it cost me to hire a motorcycle injury lawyer in Phoenix?

Motorcycle injury cases are typically paid for on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay nothing up front, and the motorcycle injury lawyer attorney is paid a percentage of any settlement you receive. This fee varies based on a number of circumstances involved with the case. For your free case evaluation, call us now at 602-975-5550.

Do I need a motorcycle accident attorney even if I have motorcycle insurance?

Any payment you receive in a motorcycle accident insurance claim represents a financial loss for the insurance companies; they will do their best to deny or minimize your claim, even if the accident occurred as a result of another’s negligence. After any accident, it is advisable to discuss the details of your claim with an experienced attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies. This will ensure that you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled.

Do I need an attorney in order to file a claim?

Any victim of a motorcycle accident is legally permitted to file a claim for his or her injuries and property damage. An attorney is not required for the completion of the claims filing process, but having legal representation on your side can make your efforts significantly more successful.

Where do I go if I am injured in a motorcycle accident?

After you have sought medical attention, call Lebovitz Law Group at 602-975-5550 for your free consultation so that we can begin working on your case and fighting for what you deserve.

Hire an Experienced Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney for Your Motorcycle Accident

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is important in any case where you have suffered injuries but attorneys experienced in your specific type of injury case will serve your interests much better. In motorcycle injury cases there are special circumstances you will face that are not typical for all traffic accidents. Lebovitz Law Group knows how to deal with the issues that arise in motorcycle cases and will help you navigate through.


Is lane-splitting legal in Phoenix, AZ?

Arizona law prohibits lane-splitting for motorcycle riders. Riding between rows of slowed or stopped traffic can be risky and may cause preventable road accidents. Motorcycles in Phoenix are mandated to drive in their lane with other motorcycles. If you happen to be a victim of a lane-splitting accident, contact a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer and explore the best legal option.


Are motorcyclists required to wear protective equipment in Phoenix?

Yes, wearing a safety helmet is required for motorcycle riders and passengers under the age of 18. The law mandates that motorcyclists and passengers of all ages must wear protective glasses, goggles, or a face shield. Wearing protection gear protects the motorcycle rider and the passengers from serious injuries and death in many cases.

If you or anyone you know is involved in an accident due to a violation of the road safety laws in Arizona, our motorcycle injury lawyers can help. Contact us


How long do I have to file a motorcycle accident claim in Phoenix?

Two years. As per A.R.S. § 12-542, accident cases, and not just the ones involving a motorcycle, should be filed within two years of the date. Failing to do so may deny you the right to sue the responsible party and seek the compensation you deserve.

Simply call our motorcycle accident lawyers at 602-975-5550 to file the claim in Phoenix. Rest assured that we will represent your best interests while you are hospitalized or recovering at home.

If you or anyone you know is involved in an accident due to a violation of the road safety laws in Arizona, our motorcycle injury lawyers can help. Contact us


How much compensation should I seek for my motorcycle accident in Phoenix?

The motorcycle accident injury claim value depends on several factors, including

  • The type of injuries
  • The number of people affected
  • The loss of wages
  • The degree of negligence
  • The insurance policy

Hire a seasoned motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix at 602-975-5550 to evaluate your case and help determine the maximum amount in damages. Your attorney will work with the parties involved, including the police, witnesses, and medical professionals, to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

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