Car accidents frequently occur on Arizona roads. In 2020 alone, there were 98,778 motor vehicle crashes in Arizona. When these collisions occur, they can leave survivors with severe injuries. In worse scenarios, the car accident victims may die. Fortunately, Arizona car accident lawyers can help victims recover compensation for their losses.

Notably, when people think of vehicle crashes, they only imagine two vehicles. In reality, though, multi-vehicle collisions occur frequently. Statistics show that there were 81,012 multi-vehicle accidents in Arizona in 2020.

This means that Arizona has a very high rate of multi-vehicle crashes. So, if you ever get in a multi-car accident, it’ll be best to hire an attorney from Lebovitz Law Group.

What Are Multi-Vehicle Accidents?

Multi-vehicle collisions occur when more than two cars are involved in an accident. Similarly, the collision will involve three or more drivers and passengers. Typically, multi-vehicle accidents start with a rear-end crash. Car A, for instance, hits Car B from behind, which pushes Car B into Car C and possibly D.

This example is a chain-reaction accident. The force of the first collision usually determines the severity of the resulting accidents. Multi-vehicle accidents from rear-end collisions are more frequent during traffic stops. They also happen where vehicles are parked in a straight line. However, multi-vehicle collisions mustn’t always be chain reactions. Instead, several vehicles can get into crashes from different angles and causes.

What Happens After a Multi-Vehicle Accident in Arizona?

After a multi-car collision in Arizona, you can recover compensation from the responsible party. This is because Arizona operates a fault-based accident system. So, the negligent party will cover all the losses flowing from the crash. Therefore, you must determine who’s responsible for the accident.

Establishing Liability in Arizona Multi-Vehicle Collisions

Determining fault is crucial in all Arizona car crashes. In chain-reaction accidents, the first driver is often the liable party. However, other drivers may contribute to the accident. Therefore, you’ll need an Arizona car accident attorney to determine the fault parties. Each driver will be liable for their contribution to the collision.

Responsible parties in Arizona multi-vehicle collisions usually were negligent. Therefore, you’ll have to establish the elements of negligence to recover any financial compensation. These include:

Duty of Care

Every driver must drive carefully to avoid endangering other road users. So, proving this point isn’t challenging.

Breach of Duty of Care

Next, you must show that the fault driver breached their duty of care while driving. This is where the pieces of evidence your attorney gathered become helpful. The lawyer will have to show the driver’s negligent action.


After showing that the driver was negligent, you must link their negligence to the crash. This is because, although a driver was careless, their carelessness may not be responsible for the accident. In such cases, they’ll get a traffic citation at most.


Finally, you must prove that the accident caused you some losses. These could be physical injuries or property damage. If you can’t link your losses to the crash, you’ll lose your right to compensation.

Relevant Evidence in Arizona Multi-Vehicle Collisions

You cannot win a multi-vehicle accident claim without solid evidence. Evidence will help persuade the insurance company or court that you deserve compensation. So, the relevant proof for Arizona multi-vehicle collisions include:

  • Eyewitness testimony
  • CCTV camera footage
  • Physical evidence from the accident scene
  • Photographs of the crash site and damaged vehicles
  • Police reports

How Long Do You Have to File a Multi-Vehicle Accident Claim?

If you decide to sue the responsible party in a multi-car collision, you must do so early. This is because the law dictates when you must file an accident compensation claim. This law is called the Statute of Limitations. In Arizona, the general personal injury Statute of Limitations applies to car accident claims.

You must file your accident lawsuit within based on this law. This statutory period applies to bodily injuries vehicular and property damage. Your time starts counting from the accident date. Therefore, suppose you miss this deadline. Then, you’ll most likely lose your right to compensation.

Let the Best Arizona Car Accident Lawyers Help You

Have you survived an Arizona car accident? If you have, then you may be eligible for compensation. Of course, we mean that the fault party will pay for all the losses you suffer. However, this is a complicated process.

\That’s why it’ll help to hire Arizona car accident lawyers from \Lebovitz Law Group\. Our attorneys have several years of experience in handling car crash cases. In addition, you don’t have to pay us unless we win the case. So, call us today for a FREE consultation. 

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